Date Posted: 5/22/2017

Location: Valparaiso, IN

Job Title:  



  • Dismantle & rebuild machinery.

  • Skilled at repairing machined part

  • Good with tools as well as reading plans, drawings and be comfortable using large equipment like forklift  trucks and overhead cranes.

  • Mechanical Skills: Use a wide variety of tools, from hammers and wrenches to blowtorches,  and more. Mechanical aptitude is needed.

  • Lift heavy objects, physically manipulate objects with tools and need strength.

  • Ability to read  technical documents to put machinery together.

  • Troubleshooting must be able to follow a problem to the source and solve the issue.


Skilled in using:


  • Micrometers                                  

  • Dial Calipers 

  • Leveling

  • Aligning

  • Installing bearings 

  • CNC Machines (Plus)                                          


Must be/have:


  • Organized

  • Reliable                                               

  • Problem solver                

  • Multi-task oriented

  • Millwright Toolbox (Complete)



We Offer:

  • Health Insurance Benefits:

  • Paid Holidays and Paid Vacations

  • Direct Deposit

  • 401K

  • Per-diem


Recruiter Name and Contact Info:  National Recruiting Center 317-744-9652






I first want to thank you all for the opportunity to work for the ULG Team. I really appreciate being hired by, in my book, the best Temporary Agency Ever! I feel you are one of the most professional companies out there to work for. I really appreciate the timely responses anytime I had questions or needed help. That says a lot in itself! I would recommend your company to anyone. Also, I figured it would be good to let you know that all other ULG employees spoke highly of your company when they worked for you. Keep doing what you are doing. You have some of the best recruiter and agents working for you.   ~Ben

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